1Kilo Makes the Difference - Be part of this movement, World!

1Kilo Makes the Difference - Be part of this movement, World!

From now on, you, your family, CSOs, friends, company, can join Sparkle of Light on the fight against hunger in the world.

We share with society our commitment to feed families in situation of misery, refugees and homeless people. This responsibility belongs to all of us!

Your performance will be in your neighborhood, your city or in the region where you live. Why join us? Because together we form a network of solidarity and become more strength. Come with us!

To join, it is essential to fill out the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/ZKVaStNK4FyuNDas1

We will contact you in a few days!

We are sure that we are on the right way as we follow the transformation of thousands of people as well. When we have what to eat, we can think better and see possibilities ahead. Those who are hungry are in a hurry.

If there is any doubt and wish to talk to us, write a message through the e-mail: 1k@srgentileza.com.br  Our team will be ready to serve you :-)

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Welcome to Sparkle of Light!

Fraternal hugs,

Luiz Gabriel Tiago - Mr. Kindness
Founder and CEO

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