"Discipline is a supreme ornament, and is used by children or the young, gives rise only happiness.'s Perfume par excellence and, unlike ordinary perfumes that only travel with the wind, its refreshing scent travels spontaneously in all directions. Balm Unique provides relief to severe pain of illusion and deceit. "

Dalai Lama

Discipline us to have a very large commitment, with our daily activities. Since the time of awakening - that is usually very early - by the time we lie down and rest the body. Here I stress the importance of resting the mind as well, because it is very uncomfortable when the head does not stop working.
On waking in the mood we believe is going to work that day because we are committed to our self, our society, family and the production that the company seeks. We are called to do their best and fulfill the duties scratches that are embedded in the daily load. In no way am I saying this is bad, however. The particular discipline - each - requires the responsibility and commitment to what is right.
It is rewarding to know that we arrived at the correct time to work, we had a good relationship with other employees and leaders and produce enough. The sense of achievement is the fruit of an entire dedication that begins with discipline.
Sometimes it is easy to wake up so early, we face the gridlocked traffic and tiredness that already appears. It is not a little challenging if you think that way. Thus only attract the laziness and the desire to return home. Thinking back to the production of good things for the world should keep in our minds and, without doubt, will help us continue. Fortunately we have a place to perform our work and to feel professionally fulfilled. "Oh, and the reward of all this?" - You can ask. There is only one reward, there are several ways of feeling "paid" for it. Just a personal reflection that goes through your conscious and show you the real situation. The collection of good work comes through the sense of something done, produced, performed. The satisfaction of all the effort appears through the payment at the end of the month. And besides all (which is no longer little), just think how many people would like to be in place. How many unemployed are in the world? Answer this question and then discuss his or her arguments.
It is logical positivist theories - do not fit it - do not help much. Do not struggle with what I do not know. I see myself every day these difficulties and I force myself to think of all these items. The subject generates recognition by their colleagues, the whole company and especially by his family and himself. Then, there is no more argument.
It is worth all the effort and sacrifice daily. Everything becomes spontaneous when looked upon lightly and subtracting the barriers that supposedly exist. We humans, we have several daily difficulties that prevent us from scratch to fulfill the user's discipline. But seeing that it can never be charged for something that was really dedicated and disciplined. The accolades and recognition for their commitment will be put forward in a very optimistic and that lead to progress.
Develop activities hard, time, whim and try to achieve perfection. This is to all aspects of your life, whether personal or professional. Virtues such as honesty, good character, honesty and kindness will be dazzled automatically because no one can dispute them. Nobody can go against the truth! No one can challenge or another judge if this is the correct side of life.
Being right and straight with your business and personal life, the fruit will mature quickly and without waiting. I want the message of the Dalai Lama is a beginning for thinking that work properly and be disciplined only help to ensure that problems are avoided or minimized. Much better retina them to have to solve them in times of crisis. Remember when they appear, are always together, or in groups and gain a force capable of destabilizing any head balanced.
I suggest you do an experiment. Begin today to practice it. If you allow this test and recover lost time. At first this thought and apply them to your healthy life.