The hotel industry is driven by emotion and pleasure in service. Dealing with people is an art more and more difficult and requires much effort and commitment to captivate those seeking an accommodation with harmony and tranquility.
Managers are increasingly struggling to qualify and prepare their teams to captivate customers and keeps them coming back because the competition is increasingly fierce and new beds appear to compete with old media hosting. Each with its own innovation and international networks in search of new concepts of service. The ideas come through new market and, undoubtedly, the strongest will always be ahead in the race for a place in the spotlight.
A good host is essential for those who are in transit and left their families in their home town. Psychosocial factors should be considered, mainly dealing with human beings who have aspirations, wants and needs. This shift requires a complicated logistics and woven through interconnected systems and subsystems. Any failure becomes fatal to the commitment of teams embedded in host as well. No details may go unnoticed, much less missed by so much dispute. We must remember that we will always have someone more capable competition and more creative. Without pessimism or subtraction of positivism, but creativity should be cream and (re) worked incessantly. Various training and capacity building programs are implemented in firms and should be taken seriously in order to maintain the quality required by those (external customers) that's mainly through information. The word of mouth is very important, because our guests are opinion leaders and tend to be faithful to the good reception.
The whole operational structure should be maintained with great care and requires expertise in its management. But we can not forget the teams necessary for an outfit like that, in fact, are distribution channels and product certification of all that is offered. Without overlooking the Front (Front) - this acts as the calling card of any business - we have to emphasize the extensive work done by the Commercial area (including the Reservations department - even linked in some hotels in the Services sector) and Financial; those that remain active sales and control the entire flow of revenue and expenditure of the company. It's not easy to control the billing, even if in the process of extinction, and all pending accounting.
It is not enough that the hotel is a flawless appearance is at its core, offers services personnel unprepared and insecure. The team that advertises and negotiates with key customers such as businesses, need to be absolutely sure that the product is suitable for the market wanted. Executives Commercial Sales Manager or have a keen nose for that item, because they can not distribute valuable information to potential suppliers of guests. They are seeking in the streets (cities or regions potential) the "accounts" captive in the hotel and do everything to keep them. This structure requires much study and research, as well as a physical and mental effort for all visits that are scheduled. Meet these needs and catching them is a natural ability of this team, that will do everything to achieve their goals. The work is ceaseless and sometimes exhausting. Therefore, the involvement of operational managers of the hotel must be indispensable for foreign sales are worthwhile.
This internal-external relationship must be accompanied by all operating executives that can measure the likely demand and they can prepare their teams to increase the occupancy rate. Consequently, with the increase of this number, we see the dedication in increasing the average daily impact on what we all aspire: the RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room). The latter is usually accompanied daily by the General Manager and his assistants.
With all this dedication and proactive sales team, it is necessary that the internal groups (including Reserves Governance) to prepare to meet the expectations of promising staying. Telephone service - with the attendant reservations - will be crucial to the first link with the host. Attentive to every detail and negotiations have already made, this service must be flawless and then transferred to operational so you can monitor external developments. With the closing of a new contract reserves, the operating position is so upbeat and infectious to the host. In addition, fans for data analysis and perspective on how the future income will be.
All this movement does not end there. With the closing of the account of the score, the Financial sector (or Controlling) started its activities with the closing of the box and surveys of income. Imagine this rotation without a dedicated department and carrying out this study. It would be impossible to maintain all the investments and the flow distribution without these professionals. Controllers perform an activity maintains all payments (including Payroll), input and output. The cash flow allows viewing point on the actual situation of the hotel and what should be moved to better results.
Realize that all this gear works odd, and if any part fails, you can jeopardize the entire process indescribable reputation, training and maintaining a hosting. All must be united only on one link and it is the principal manager, monitor related activities and closely monitor the results. The work is not only a professional, and yes, a whole called Hospitality - which can be summarized in the art and serve.